Business Diary: Hell hath no fury like an energy firm scorned

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It looks as if the price comparison service uSwitch got a telling-off after it issued a press release on price cuts made by the energy supplier E.ON. It put out a second release hours later with the correction: "E.ON is not the cheapest gas supplier. Scottish and Southern Energy remains the cheapest."

Musical genius makes way for invisible hand

It's goodbye Sir Edward Elgar and hello Adam Smith. From 30 June, the Bank of England is to begin withdrawing from circulation £20 notes bearing the composer's portrait. Since 2007 it has been replacing Elgar notes with those featuring Smith, the 18th-century economist, left. Talk about a triumph of commerce over culture.

An award that not everyone wants to win

Good luck to all those on yesterday's shortlist for the Veuve Clicquot businesswoman of the year awards. Let's hope the famous curse of the awards doesn't strike again – a number of previous winners have seen their fortunes take a marked turn for the worse after picking up the gong. Most notably, the Sock Shop was forced into administration after its co-founder Sophie Mirman won the title during the 1990s.

Twitter's Aaron gets a warm welcome

The Twitter founder Biz Stone now emails monthly newsletters to the micro-blogging site's millions of subscribers. "Recently, we hired our 140th employee," Stone's latest missive helpfully reveals. "His name is Aaron and he is an engineer focused on building internal tools to help promote productivity, communication and support within our company. We celebrated with a little dance party." Lucky Aaron.

Blame your boss for your exhaustion

We are indebted to the good folk of Water Wellpoint – which describes itself as a "hydration and wellbeing expert" – for research revealing that two-thirds of workers in Britain don't get enough sleep, with most of them blaming workplace stress for their nights of tossing and turning. Sleep workshops in the office could be the answer, it suggests. We won't hold our breath.

Number of the day: £6.6m

The average price of a property on Chester Square in Belgravia, London, the most expensive street in Britain.