Business Diary: Help with your hyrdopower

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Did you think silly government "advice" pamphlets pushing Whitehall insanity had been killed off by the demise of New Labour and the advent of austerity? You'd be wrong if you did. Climate change minister Greg Barker's come up with a doozy. Visiting "a successful community hydro scheme" (translation: water wheel) in the Peak District he announced that former mills and water turbines brought back to life will now be eligible for financial support under the feed-in tariff. Fair enough. But in case you needed help with waking up your water resources there's now a (drum roll) "Hydropower Help Guide" being launched. Perhaps we could cut some more emissions with its hot air?

Where have these people been?

A survey from diary's good friends at Lansons drops into the inbox, saying over half the population doesn't trust any company. Perhaps not all that surprising, but the responses to the poll to find which are the most trusted companies among those that do are astonishing. M&S is at the top (fair enough) but a couple of banks (Barclays and HSBC) are tied atNo 12 with the BBC! OK, so neither was bailed out, but there's Lloyds at No 19, ahead of Waitrose. Where were the survey's respondents over the past two years?

No fun shopping on the net

Thinking of doing your DIY shopping on the net? Don't, says Which. Rivals B&Q and Homebase were rated the worst online retailers by the organisation which market them down on both pricing and products. In general, delays, over-packaging, and inconvenient time-slots were bemoaned by consumers. Perhaps it's worth braving the crowds on the high street after all.

The Corrie and the Ivy at Tesco

It's nearly November, so get ready to hear the same six Christmas songs over and over again at your local supermarket. It'll be enough to give you a dose of festive flu by the time January comes. Tesco seems a particularly good place to avoid: it's the exclusive retailer for a Coronation Street album, featuring cast members teaming up with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. Please, guys, stick to Slade and Rudolph.