Business Diary: Is Grade about to get the nod from Cameron?

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Speculation continues that Michael Grade, the former ITV boss and all-round television bigwig, is being lined up for a peerage if David Cameron makes it into Number 10 on Friday. Officials from the Conservative Party have been gently fending off all inquiries on the topic, but Mr Grade's op-ed in The Times yesterday did read rather like a job application. "Impartiality is over: Cameron gets my vote," the piece was headlined.

Goldman's guide for interns: no fun, please

Why would anyone want to intern at Goldman Sachs? Well, perhaps that's a silly question. But the firm's lengthy guide for interns casts an intriguing light on its culture. Take social events. Interns are informed that they are attending these with their colleagues, and not their friends. They are there to work, with the clear implication that drinking is frowned upon, even when alcohol is served. Notebooks at the ready, then.

Krugman's call to arms for the Trekkies

Nobel Prize-winning economist Paul Krugman has a dim view of the goings-on at Goldman: his latest blog carries pictures of its boss, Lloyd Blankfein, and a "Ferengi" warrior from Star Trek under the caption: "Am I the only one who sees a resemblance?" For non-Trekkies, the BBC guide to Star Trek explains: "The Ferengi are a race that the phrase 'the unacceptable face of capitalism' could have been invented for." Not just a physical resemblance, then.

The sick man of Europe for a little while yet

Much credit to Bill Mott, the highly regarded City fund manager, for a new metaphor for the UK economy and the likelihood of its return to health being slow. "Having avoided dying of swine 'flu, we will all be living with a blocked-up nose for a few years yet," says Mr Mott. Makes a change from all the talk of V, L and U-shaped recoveries.