Business Diary: Johnson's white lie to academic

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Entrepreneur Luke Johnson is the latest speaker to address the Penfold Vintage Years lecture series – and an interesting one, given the push to encourage more Britons to start small businesses just now. Johnson's speech suggests an ability to think on your feet is one prerequisite for success, with an anecdote about how he was almost thrown out of university after failing his first-year exams (he'd been too busy running a business to do any any revision, you see). "Luckily my tutor didn't know about me running a business," Johnson said. "I convinced them I'd had a breakdown and he let me off."

Something fishy in the City

The row over the reorganisation of Billingsgate Market rumbles on, with market porters today taking their protest to the headquarters of the City of London Corporation, in the Guildhall, which is responsible for the reforms. The porters, who are angry about plans to ease the entry requirements for the job, plan to make a stink about the issue both metaphorically and literally. They'll be bringing boxes of fish as well as placards to the demonstration.

How to avoida hold-up

Want to avoid getting caught up in a bank robbery? Well, who doesn't? The good news is that the FBI has some tips: it has published statistics showing that in the US, bank robbers are most likely to strike between 9 and 11 in the morning (they're keen to beat the lunchtime rush, obviously) and that Friday is their favourite day (are they stocking up on cash for the weekend?). Sadly, no comparable figures are available in the UK, but why should British bank robbers be any different? You have been warned.

Go Compare's singer silenced

Now, this is what we call a good news story. Go Compare, the price comparison site, is one of those companies that subscribes to the theory that the more excruciating your advertising, the more likely it is to be remembered – invaluable in its business, where brand recognition is everything. But thecompany may not be able to inflict Gio Compario, its opera singer, on us for a while. The poor fellow has lost his voice, reports the Daily Star.