Business Diary: Kashkari turns the tables on his critics

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Welcome back Neel Kashkari: after being asked to run the US's $700bn troubled asset relief programme in 2008, Hank Paulson's protégé endured some bruising criticism. Now employed by the bond fund Pimco, he doesn't seem to be in the mood to do the Obama administration any favours, this week publishing a note that warned starkly of five years of slower growth and higher unemployment for America.

A trophy that the top clubs didn't expect

Congratulations to the Premier League, which today picks up its Queen's Award for enterprise and international trade. It is certainly an interesting moment to hand the league such a gong – after years of good times for the business of football, the sport is currently suffering something of a crisis of confidence, with massive debt threatening the future of several leading clubs. The award might have been more appropriately given for football's services to the insolvency profession.

Search engine is powered by private jets

Google has a reputation for looking after staff, so maybe it's no surprise the internet giant has been working to get employees stranded by the ash cloud out of Europe. Henry Blodget, the Wall Street tech analyst turned blogger, reports that Google has told such staff to be ready to go a southern European destination where its private jets will be waiting. Next stop the motherland.

City Police pay a visit to patriotic public house

The popular City watering hole the Cockpit has run into a bit of bother with the local constabulary. Its patriotic landlord has decked out the pub with St George's Day bunting ahead of England's national day on Friday. Cue a visit from the City of London Police to ask whether the pub was playing host to a British National Party meeting they had not been warned about, or even screening a football match they had somehow managed to miss.