Business Diary: Macquarie bankers make a boob

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Red faces at Macquarie Bank, who provided Australian TV with an economist for a live comment on the Reserve Bank of Australia's interest rate decision yesterday. A hapless trader sitting behind the star turn opened an email just as the cameras began rolling. He got the pictures of the topless model off his screen fast, but not fast enough to avoid them being broadcast to the nation. You'll find the clip on YouTube.

Cadbury's protesters stranded by sabotage

Not everyone in the Midlands sympathises with the campaign mounted by Cadbury workers to stop their company falling into the hands of Kraft. Around 100 workers due to travel to London yesterday to lobby the Government over the deal were delayed by a malicious prankster, who phoned the coach company to cancel their transport.

Not all shareholders of RBS are equal

A letter has gone out to Royal Bank of Scotland shareholders explaining plans to pay £1.5bn to its bankers. Can we see it?, Diary asks the RBS PR man. "Erm, it's only for shareholders," he replies. We point out that as honest taxpayers, this is exactly what we are, but he adds: "Only for direct shareholders." Taxpayers are second-class shareholders in RBS's view, then.

McCall swaps Tesco for New Look

Memo to our colleagues at The Guardian: go easy on any exposes of retailer New Look you might have planned. When the paper took on Tesco over its tax affairs, Guardian Media Group's boss, Carolyn McCall, had to give up her non-executive directorship at the grocer. Now she has found a new berth at New Look.

Get well soon, Priscilla

The Wall Street Journal reports that even though organisers of the World Economic Forum in snowy Davos gave everyone non-slip grips for their shoes this year, the local hospital still had to deal with 28 injuries. They included Priscilla Rodrigues, wife of Christopher Rodrigues, the boss of Britain's International Personal Finance, who will be on crutches for six weeks after rupturing knee ligaments while skiing.

Number of the day: 3115

Customers of Skipton Building Society who received letters revealing other savers' account details this week.