Business Diary: Mason must show more respect

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Paul Mason, the numbers man at the Beeb's Newsnight programme, is still smarting about his failure to secure an interview with the Governor of the Bank of England following the quantitative easing initiative announced on Thursday (though the BBC's economicseditor Stephanie Flanders was granted an audience). "I seem to be the only economics editor who did not get an interview with Mervyn King. Wonder why?", Mason tweets. Our advice for starters Paul, would be toremember that it's Sir Mervyn these days.

Clydesdale's legal man is no dictator

An interview with Michael Webber in The Lawyer catches our eye. Webber, the head legal honcho at Clydesdale Bank explains why his job title is "head of legal services and company secretary" rather than the more usual director of legal. "I don't like 'director' because it implies you hold a dictatorship," he explains, adding that the also-common general counsel is far too pompous. It's all very down to earth, but what do Webber's executive colleagues – at least four of whom have director in their job title – think about it?

Burger King had the perfect team

Burger King, the fast food chain, is looking for a new public relations agency to help it with consumer campaigns in the UK, the latest issue of PR Week, the industry magazine, reveals. We wish them luck with the search, though we can't help feeling that however hard it looks, Burger King is never going to be able to find a more appropriately-named agency than the incumbent whose services are being dispensed with. Step forward Cow PR.

Aberdeen tops wealth rankings

are you fed up with paying through the nose to fill up your car with petrol? Maybe you should take a trip to Aberdeen and demand the locals contribute to your motoring costs. Accountant UHY Hacker Young reveals today that residents of Aberdeen have seen their disposable household incomes rise by 25 per cent over the past five years, a larger increase than anywhere else in the country. It's all down to the booming oil industry, of course, with Aberdeen a centre for the North Sea production sector.