Business Diary: Meerkats breeding on the internet

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Recently Diary noted that – a rival price comparison website to – was cleverly using the latter's high-profile "compare the meerkat" ad campaign, right, to get its sponsored links up on Google when the slogan is used for searches. Now the rest have joined in. Typing "compare the meerkat" into the search engine will get you links to,, and Perhaps the boys at have joined their cuddly meerkat character in taking a nice sleep in the sun.

Cleaning up after the credit crunch

At least someone at the posh dry cleaner Jeeves of Belgravia on Kensington High Street in west London is not without a modicum of wit. Diary's informant has spotted signs displayed in its window bearing the legends "Bankers still welcome here!" and "We clean anything – including moats". So the the people at Jeeves are obviously up with current affairs, too.

No publicity please, we're Cerberus

Cerberus Capital Management is notoriously publicity shy – last year its founder, Stephen Feinberg, wrote to investors saying he "despised" the attention his company was getting, although Cerberus admitted that it was going to have to develop "a thick skin" thanks to higher-profile deals such as the (disastrous) takeover of Chrysler. The lock-in period imposed on new investors means they too are going to have to develop thick skins if there is any repeat of investments like that. As for the publicity the group is now getting as a result, well, those who live by the sword ...