Business Diary: Microsoft grills up a treat in Japan

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Microsoft has come up with a novel way to promote its new Windows 7 software in Japan. It's launched the Windows 7 Whopper at Burger King. Built from seven stacked beef patties, the burger is more than five inches high, and costs ¥777 ( £5.13).

Who drank all the pies?

Good news for pie lovers. Drinks company Diageo has given the go-ahead for a Yorkshire-based company to launch a new range of Guinness and steak pies, which have been launched in Tesco. Debbie and Andrew Keeble, the company's founders are recruiting new joiners to their Pie Appreciation Society.

Sky looks forward to new challenges

"We relish change" said James Murdoch at Friday's BSkyB annual general meeting. The broadcaster's chairman isn't fibbing – he particularly relishes the coming change in the way his industry is regulated. The Conservatives have promised to abolish Ofcom, long the scourge of Sky, as soon as they are elected.

More than one in 10 late on Ryanair

Breaking news from Ryanair, which sounds very smug about the fact that 86 per cent of more than 40,000 of its flights arrived on time in August. Surely that means 14 per cent of flights were late – hardly something to boast about.

Number of the day: 5

Days left for taxpayers to file paper-based tax returns. HMRC is making no allowance for the postal strikes