Business Diary: Moulton takes to the regions

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He did it for private equity, helping to invent the business in its modern form and now he wants to do it for King's Lynn too. Jon Moulton has given businessmen in the Norfolk town a pep talk, advising them that they are in "the very best part of the UK for small and medium businesses to flourish". Not that he actually made it to their locality, you understand, appearing at the event courtesy of a video conferencing facility.

Long wait for the Boots punchline

Pharmacy group Alliance Boots sends out a newsletter every couple of months, detailing events of interest at the firm. The March/April edition has arrived and, as usual, is full of fascinating detail – on international expansion, new partnerships, an award for a hair care product, some appointments and even an update on theEuropean Pharmacists' Forum. Strange, because the Diary could swear something else newsworthy had happened at Alliance Boots recently. Oh, here it is: right at the end in a two-paragraph story: chief executive Andy Hornby has quit, completely out of the blue.

A credit card bill never to be repaid

Fed up with your credit card company's unreasonable demands? Think yourself lucky. The Jakarta Post reports that Indonesian police are accusing three Citibank debt collectors of the murder of Irzen Octa, the secretary general of the National Unity Party. The motive? Mr Octa complained about his credit card bill. "The motive of the murder is due to debt [issues], a credit card bill that didn't fit," chief detective Budi Irawan told the paper.

Too beautiful for banking?

Suggestions please for the 27-year-old banker who has written to the Financial Times problem page with the following issue. "I fear I'm too good looking for corporate life. As a student I used my looks to make money modelling, but now that I'm in the City I feel they are holding me back. Female colleagues distrust me, while male colleagues are drawn to me, but don't take me very seriously. My boss has told me I need to network more. But I find networking events are ghastly, with all the men dribbling over me. What can I do, short of turning up to work in a bin liner?"