Business Diary: Nama chooses an unfortunate name

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"What's in a name" asks the National Association of Motor Auctions, proudly announcing that this is to be its new moniker (it has until now operated as the Society of Motor Auctions). Well, one thing that's in a name is what it makes people think of – and for this reason Nama, as it will henceforth be known, may not have made the best choice. There is another Nama with which the world is more familiar – and it is not a happy association. Nama is the bad bank set up in Ireland a little while back to manage all those distressed assets.

Want to swim with the fishes?

Lisa Ronson, daughter of the property tycoon – and chip off the old block – is currently showing prospective tenants around the Heron Tower, the recently completed skyscraper in the heart of the City. The triple-height lobby features a giant aquarium with four sharks and 1,000 other fish to keep them company. Could there be a more appropriate way to deck out the reception area of a building that ought to appeal to hedge funds, fund managers, traders and even some of the smaller banks?

Virgin seeks trained astronauts

In the market for a new job? It's always worth checking out the vacancies with Virgin Group, which has so many constituent parts that there's a good chance something of interest might crop up. Here's a possibility: Virgin Galactic has begun advertising for three pilot astronauts – if you get the gig you'll be based in Mojave, California, initially, and then New Mexico once the business is properly up and running. Apply by the end of the month – previous space flight experience is apparently an advantage.

Cranswick sees sales sizzle

Happy days for Cranswick, the food producer, which enjoyed the sunny weather at the end of last week even more than the rest of the country. It makes sausages, you see, and Britons' rush to dust off the barbecues prompted something of a mini sales boom for the company. In the end, Cranswick managed to sell 87,000 more packs of sausages last week than in the same seven days of last year, a 16 per cent increase. What a pity the weather has turned chilly again now.