Business Diary: New strawbs please

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Asda is first in the queue for Wimbledon PR stunts, with tennis fans arriving at the tournament given free strawberries to sample. The supermarket points out that the fruit on its shelves retails at less than a fifth of the (traditionally exorbitant) prices at the tournament for a small punnet and a dollop of cream. You might have thought the largely well-heeled tennis fans pouring into SW19 would be customers of Waitrose or M&S – but that didn't stop them snaffling the freebies in record time. There were none left by the time Diary arrived.

Jay-Z takes on the hedge funds

A tasty little lawsuit Stateside. The rapper and entrepreneur Jay-Z is suing Highland Capital Management. He accuses the hedge fund of delaying a plan to retire a loan so that it could continue to collect interest payments and is seeking $3.7bn. It is linked to the development of a hotel in Manhattan, plans for which were stymied by the property crash. Both sides have daggers drawn and are pledging to fight. Diary just wonders if the loquacious Jay can work "Highland Capital" into a rhyme for a future album. That would be fun.

Apple needs to get on the case

It seems Apple has got wise to supply problems affecting previous generations of its "must have" gadgets – according to its website the company should be able to ship you an iPad within seven to 10 days. But the same can't be said for the cases you need if you're going to take your shiny new toy out and about. For them, the wait is 28 days. "Nobody bought them when the iPad first came out," a salesman says. "Now there's been a mad rush as everyone has realised they need them."

Citi's low-tech solution

Talking of which , if you're unfortunate enough to possess a Citi credit card, don't try and use it to buy one. Chances are it'll be blocked. Diary's attempts were thwarted at every turn as Citi blamed Apple and Apple blamed Citi, largely because the latter requires something called a "manual confirmation" from the retailer. Not so high-tech.