Business Diary: No fears for Tennent's Super lager lovers

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Last week's purchase, by Ireland's C&C, of Tennent's lager prompted fears in Scotland that local jobs might be at risk. Still, at least some of the brewing operations will definitely be staying put. The sale did not include Tennent's Super, the high-strength brand favoured by, how shall we put it, more discerning drinkers, so that definitely won't be moving. Rab C Nesbitt should be pleased.

Is Britain really going on the wagon?

Talking of our drinking habits, the British Beer & Pub Association's annual statistics book is now out and it contradicts some urban myths about Britons' consumption. Not only is the amount we drink falling – down 6 per cent compared to 2004, the BBPA reckons – the average strength of beer is declining too. So much for the recession driving us all to drink.

Norfolk's finest head for the capital

Less than a week to go now until the launch of World Class Norfolk, the rebranding exercise to persuade the world that Nelson's county is the perfect place to live and work. Just one question. If Norfolk is so wonderful, why is the bash at the Institute of Directors in central London?

Boris wades into planning row

BoJo is defending London's reputation as a financial centre again. After telling the FSA's Lord Turner last week that he was "crackers" not to do the same, Boris (pictured left) is leading by example. After Tower Hamlets council in east London turned down an application for a skyscraper in Docklands the Mayor has intervened. He'll make the final decision now thanks very much.

UKFI on the hunt for new leader

UK Financial Investments, the body that looks after the taxpayers' stakes in banks we've bailed out, is looking for a new boss. "Politically astute" is a quality the job ad says the ideal candidate must have. Understatement of the year?