Business Diary: O'Leary doesn't take the biscuit

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A taste of his own medicine for Ryanair boss Michael O'Leary. Financial News reports that Mr O'Leary got short shrift from the folk at hedge fund business Gradient Capital Partners, where he recently popped in for a visit. "No, you have to bring your own," was reportedly the response when Ryanair's cost-cutter extraordinaire asked whether he might be getting a biscuit with his cup of tea. Let's hope Gradient charged him to use its toilets too.

Silence greets Lord Turner

The public anger at those implicated in any way in the banking crisis appears finally to be easing (or at least City security guards are getting better at spotting troublemakers). Last September, Lord Turner, the chairman of the Financial Services Authority, saw his Mansion House speech on City regulation interrupted by a persistent heckler. This year's speech passed off without incident, however.

Short shrift from Buffett's No2

Charlie Munger, the right-hand man of Warren Buffett, has little time for those who complain about the bailout of the banks. A guest of honour at a recent debate at the University of Michigan, Munger was happy to take on his student audience, advising them to "thank God" for the interventions. As for complaints that ordinary people were being left to suffer without help, Munger wasn't too sympathetic. People in financial problems should "suck it in and cope", Bloomberg reports him as saying.

Are you suited and recruited?

Did you spend last night schmoozing with colleagues at Coq d'Argent, the Terence Conran restaurant in the heart of the City? If you work in financial services and you weren't invited, you're right to be offended. The event, organised by the headhunters McSherry Brown, was only for those it classed as "exceptional". Claire-Louise McSherry, founder of the firm, defines such people as those who are "strategic, transformational and have the tenacity to be agents of change for the organisation", whatever that means. Hope they had fun.