Business Diary: O'Leary wins the battle of the spin

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After today, we promise no more Ryanair v Panorama in the diary, particularly as the BBC's documentary on the airline – the source of a highly-entertaining spat between the two sides – went out last night. But, while the programme was good, Ryanair's PR response was better – it has promised to give away 100,000 free flights for every false claim made by Panorama.

Redwood keeps up the good work

You can't fault John Redwood's work ethic. While the rest of the Tory party was living it up in Manchester last week, the maverick MP was putting the finishing touches to a pamphlet he is publishing on the financial crisis. Its conclusion is that, notwithstanding the global credit crunch, the collapse in the UK was all the fault of, surprise, surprise, the current government.

Live news that looks a little dated

The thing about the internet is you can update news every second of the day. Looks like someone forgot to tell The Guardian's media website though. An hour before the BBC screened highlights of England v Ukraine on Saturday, the site was still insisting no deal to sell the game to a broadcaster had been done. The story wasn't even updated on Sunday after the game had been shown.

Brazier flying high on airport expansion

Conservative Party transport spokesman, Julian Brazier may have won an early victory. Last week he promised the Tories would block airport expansion at Heathrow. Now BAA, which knows it doesn't have time to get planning permission for a third runway at Heathrow before the election, is thought to be quietly shelving the scheme.

The sweet smell is not a success

To celebrate a deal it has just signed with Google, pest control company Rentokil has been sending out rather unpleasant looking sugar mice, presented on a bed of candyfloss. The mice were bad enough, but Rentokil hadn't reckoned on the differing climates of company mailrooms and the sugarfloss disintegrated into a sticky mess.

Number of the day

62,000: The number of bets on sterling falling placed on the Chicago Futures Exchange last week, a new record.