Business Diary: Orange moves staff – to Manila

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There is some embarrassment at the mobile phone company Orange, reports People Management magazine, which has had to apologise to 40 staff in its office in Darlington. It offered them good news and bad recently. On the downside, their jobs were being moved to the Philippines – more positively, Orange, added, they were free to apply for the posts. Based in Manila, the jobs paid £200 a month plus a generous rice allowance. Orange blames a "human resources error".

Don't mess with a Yorkshire pub

Peter Wilkinson, a self-made millionaire – £300m according to the Rich List – didn't get where he is today by throwing good money after bad. Still, he probably should have thought twice before announcing plans that might see the closure of The Plough, a pub he owns in Fadmoor, North Yorkshire, if he is unable to sell the hostelry. True, it's losing thousand of pounds. Equally true, Mr Wilkinson owns another pub, the Royal Oak, which is 700 yards away in the neighbouring village of Gillamoor. But The Plough's regulars are up in arms over the thought of having to sup their pints elsewhere.

What's in a tuna mayo sandwich?

The interminable wait for the jury to come back in the Galleoninsider trading scandal last week saw court reporters wondering how to fill their days. Some of them hit upon the idea of trailing Raj Rajaratnam to the cafeteria at lunchtimes. Cue a series ofarticles in the American press over the significance of the defendant's choice of sandwich – tuna and mayonnaise, since you ask.

Some curious thoughts on BP

There's a fascinating survey published in this week's issue of PR Week magazine, one year on from the Deepwater Horizon disaster that so rocked BP. While opinion is mostly pretty damning of the oil giant – more than 90 per cent say the spill damaged the company's reputation – BP may take some comfort from the fact that nine in 10 people say they have not avoided the company's products as a result. And who exactly are the 5 per cent of people who PR Week found to say that their opinion of BP has actually improved as a result of the Gulf of Mexico accident?