Business Diary: Osborne picks his date carefully

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We're not saying that George Osborne isn't particularly bothered about meeting Fleet Street's finest, but the Chancellor's invitation to drinks at 11 Downing Street may not attract quite as many top economics scribes as one might expect. They were invited for this evening, hours after many of them will have departed by aircraft for the World Economic Forum's shindig in Davos, which is due to begin tomorrow. Still, at least the drinks bill should be kept to a minimum, a happy bonus during these times of austerity.

If in doubt, follow the Bank

A top tip for anyone wondering about their investment strategy for the years ahead, courtesy of bloggers at "The Slog", who had the eminently sensible idea of checking out what the Bank of England pension scheme trustees were up to – on the grounds that they ought to know what to do with their cash. Last year's report from the scheme revealed that the Bank's pension trustees had been piling into gilts just as the equity market was heading downwards – smart move – and apparently they're up to the same tricks just now.

Serco does the double with DLR

It has not been a bad few days for Serco's Docklands Light Railway. First, the outsourcing giant won its legal challenge against trades union members who had been planning to paralyse the network with a strike. Now, its London City Airport station, a relative newcomer to the network, has won a clutch of design awards. Handy that you will actually be able to get a train to see the station inquestion, with the ballot backing industrial action having ruled as illegal by the courts.

Words fail the Beeb's site

Like many other websites, the BBC's business site carries a little feature enabling you to see which of its articles have been the most popular in recent days. Friday's most-read article, for example, concerned a threat by Ryanair regarding its boarding passes. Saturday's title, by contrast, was claimed by a piece headlined "Xxx". Some sort of business of pornography piece (you can see why it might have got traffic)? Disappointingly not – just the result of a forgetful BBC staffer failing to update the feature.