Business Diary: Peston needs to watch his back

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The Telegraph Group has notforgiven Robert Peston for revealing on the BBC last week that the Daily Telegraph had failed to print the full detail of its Vince Cable sting (the implication being that the paper didn't run the Business Secretary's comments on Rupert Murdoch in case they damaged the campaign, which it supports, against his bid for Sky). The Sunday Telegraph has been laying into the Beeb's business editor – it claims that when he worked at the paper back in the nineties, Peston used to pinch stories from the Sunday Times by getting early copies of the paper's businesssection from Kings Cross vendors.

Dirty tricks in the wine trade

If you're struggling to make a spending decision – like, say, which wine club to join – what better way to review the options than soliciting opinions on Twitter. So thought one Gareth Pugh, who asked fellow Tweeters for their comments on the respective merits of Naked Wines, Laithwaites and Virgin Wine. Back came a post from a helpful Hayley Smith, who warned that Naked Wines were "rubbish" and suggested Virgin Wines was the way to go. Just one thing Smith forgot to say – she works in the marketing department at Virgin.

Revenge is a dish best served cold

It's a twisted web out there. The Diary cannot claim to be the first to expose the Virgin Wines dirty trick above: it was picked up on "Naked Rowan", a blog written by Rowan Gormley, Naked Wines' boss. When not blogging, Gormley is best known as a long-serving lieutenant of Sir Richard Branson, who ran the bearded entrepreneur's financial services business for a long period before setting up the aforementioned Virgin Wines. Two years ago, however, Gormley left the company rather suddenly. We're not saying he's bitter, but he clearly enjoyed this Twitter row.

Traders battlethe blizzards

The East Coast blizzards in the US have offered up an unexpected windfall to New York hotels, which have been besieged by brokers and traders seeking a room this week. As one trader with a room close to Wall Street says: "People around the world trade on the New York Stock Exchange – they don't know and they don't care that it is snowing outside."