Business Diary: Proof that sex always sells

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Some good news from one small corner of the economy: the sex business. The organisers of Erotica 2011, a three-day "adult lifestyle festival" to be held at London's Olympia Conference Centre next week, have managed to attract 150 companies to exhibit their wares at the show. Ticket sales have been strong, too. "People are looking for a little escapism at the moment and we are the perfect place for them to indulge themselves," says Savvas Christodoulou, Erotica's chief executive.

Students foil women on the board

Diversity in the boardroom may be a hot topic in corporate governance circles just now, but there is only so far one can expect campaigners to go. Legal & General had been planning to run a seminar on the issue today – but its executives are running scared of the student demonstration scheduled to end round the corner from its office at about the same time, so they've cancelled.

FSA comms boss revealed

It appears the Diary has done the new head of communications at the Financial Services Authority adisservice. On Monday we reported that Zitah McMillan is to take over as the new communications boss at the FSA. Ironically, given our remark that McMillan could hardly fail to be less visible than the man she replaces, Tom Kelly, we printed a photo of someone else. For the avoidance of doubt, here's the real Zitah McMillan.

Free investment books on offer

Struggling to stay on top of the volatility on global markets? Then the Diary may be able to help. We've got our hands on five free copies of a new book from Ken Fisher, the renowned American investor. For your copy of Markets Never Forget But People Do, send your name and address to, mentioning The Independent. First come, first served.