Business Diary: Proof that some still dress properly

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Charles Tyrwhitt, the menswear retailer that specialises in City boys, has a bit of news to restore one's faith in tradition and standards during these troubled times. Sales of pocket squares are up 48 per cent at its shops and it reckons the trend will continue, with the actor Daniel Craig having modelled the look at a recent premiere. "Although we have witnessed a huge rise in the number of open-neck shirts in the workplace, it seems that a touch of formality is creeping back," the shop says. Thank heavens for that.

Signs of activity in Cauldwell camp

Look out for news from John Caudwell, who appears set for some sort of comeback. Caudwell made his fortune from the mobile phone business Phones 4u, but has been pretty quiet since selling it a few years back. He still has various business interests and spends a lot of time working on philanthropic ventures, but it rather looks as if he wants to raise his profile again. His spin doctors are busy encouraging people to follow him on various social networking sites – watch this space.

City boys just not up to par

So near and yet so far for MF Global and IG Markets. Teams from the well-known City firms came fourth and fifth at the final qualifying tournament for the Banks and Brokers Golf Championship. That's bad luck, since only the top three go to the European Grand Final, which will be held in Malaga in October. Still, the brokerage Tradition did make it into the top three, so the City will still be represented in the final, even if a team from golfing magazine pipped it to the top spot in qualifying.

Virgin to save you from tears

Can this really be true? Virgin Atlantic tells us that it is just about to introduce "emotional health warnings" on in-flight films it expects to be tearjerkers. It has even found a tame psychologist to explain that people's emotions are heightened when they're flying – and that not everyone wants to be reduced to tears while watching the in-flight entertainment (hard-nosed businessmen, they mean you). Hence the warnings. By the way, Virgin reckons Toy Story 3 made more of its passengers weep than any other movie. Bless.