Business Diary: PwC leads with headlines for Lehman

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The collapse of Lehman Brothers contributed about £100m to the revenue coffers of the accountancy firm PricewaterhouseCoopers last year. But the scrutiny of partners sifting through the wreckage of the investment bank, which imploded last year, does not yet seem to have fed through to monitoring its press releases. Yesterday, Diary received this gem: "Leading Lehman leader builds on PwC banking IT team." Apparently, Isabelle Jenkins, a PwC partner, has expanded the 29-strong team by 21 over the last three years, but the leader made no mention of the firm's leading headline writers.

Bottled water only for Russian footy fans

Diary's had some fun with ESPN recently as the US channel has gobbled up some really exciting sports properties (Russian Premiership football anyone?). It's also getting some grade one ads – notably all the Government's "five a day" rubbish which seem to be running on permanent rotation on ESPN America (tax payer's might well ask why). One point worth noting. The unreal children who feature (perfectly scrubbed, happily wearing modest school uniforms while sharing an orange) appear to be drinking bottled water. The companies that make this eco-peril must be delighted. They've got a government endorsement now, so they must be ok!

Men go back to their PJs during recession

The trend for amorous nights at home during the recession has driven a 10 per cent uplift in sales of underwired bras in the six months to 21 June, revealed TNS Worldpanel. But while men will welcome such news, we are not sure if women will be as happy about a more than 30 per cent jump in sales of men's pyjamas and that home jogging bottoms have grown by 15 per cent.

New electric cars use green for envy?

So here's the REVA Electric Car Company, with the news of two new models. Trouble is, while they're upgrades over awful looking creations that went before they're still, well, about as stylish as a Trabant. And while diary is aware that green is the colour all eco-brands want to use, whoever came up with the snot green colouring really needs to think again.