Business Diary: Royal London gets on its bike

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Life insurers aren't usually regarded as the sort of companies where adrenaline rules – and you might think that Royal London, one of the country's biggest mutually owned insurers, would be more sleepy than most. Someone at the company obviously has a yearning for a more high-octane life, however. Royal London has just extended its contract to sponsor the Isle of Man TT motorbike race for another three years. It's a deal that brings the company worldwide publicity, although maybe an odd one for an insurer, given the regular accidents.

Occupy has to call in the creatives

Creative types who support the aims of the Occupy London movement can now offer some practical help. Earlier this month, Transport for London threatened the protesters with legal action over the logo they have adopted, which Occupy London concedes is "loosely based on the TfL iconic roundel". Now the campaign is appealing to supporters to design it an alternative logo.

Caudwell claims the tax title

Business tycoons aren't all greedy so-and-sos who disappear into tax exile at the first hint of a knock on the door from HM Revenue and Customs. Take John Caudwell, for example, who made his huge fortune through the Phones 4 U empire. A BBC documentary will tonight name him as the private individual in Britain who pays more personal tax than any other – it's an accolade of sorts. Caudwell won't say how big the bill is – though he's expecting to pay a nine-figure sum this year, more than many companies we might mention.

Orange has some bad news

"Get your point across with a quick text message," says Orange's web site of the ubiquitous SMS. It has certainly taken that advice to heart: the Diary's own phone has pingedwith this message from the company: "We're increasing the price of your monthly plan." An early Christmas message from the company now part of the Orwellian-sounding Everything Everywhere.