Business diary: Russia makes mischief at BP

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Confusion over comments from Russian officials who were briefing anyone who would listen yesterday that BP had told them Tony Hayward was about to quit – and that it was about to introduce them to its new chief executive. The oil major flatly denied the story, so one wonders whether the Russians had misunderstood Hayward's decision to stand down from running the oil spill disaster response team in the US. Still, as Bob Dudley – who left Russia after the TNK-BP furore – has taken over that role, one doesn't imagine any introductions are necessary.

Not the real Steve Jobs

Congratulations to the Daily Mail for its cracking weekend scoop revealing Apple boss Steve Jobs' Twitter announcement of a possible recall of the new iPhone. Just one problem: the hack responsible failed to study the "ceoSteveJobs account" on the social networking site. It includes a prominent biography that concludes: "Of course this is a parody account". As Twitter users say, #epicfail.

The true cost of World Cup woes

Statistics we don't believe: of all the hysterical reactions to England's World Cup exit we received yesterday, the claim by internet analyst Kelkoo that the defeat to Germany will cost retailers £1.2bn of lost sales was the most outlandish. It was based on estimates of what retailers might have made if England had picked up the trophy. If the retail sector has been depending on that kind of long shot, the country's economy is in an even worse state than we'd realised.

This flag ban is a load of rubbish

Still on the World Cup, the nation's binmen are furious (though presumably less so since Sunday) about an edict from their employer: no displaying England flags on their garbage trucks. The company in question, Sita, works for councils across the country, and has told staff adorning their vehicles with items such as flags could be dangerous. Cynical staff point out Sita is owned by GDF Suez of France, which is a leading sponsor of its own national football team.