Business Diary: Ryanair's friends call for early sale of Stansted

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A missive arrives from a body calling itself the Stansted Airport Consultative Committee urging the new Government to press ahead with the break-up of BAA at its earliest opportunity – specifically to force the airports operator to sell off Stansted as soon as possible. SACC's website describes it as an independent body that represents users of the airport. By an odd coincidence, it shares a public relations consultant with Ryanair, the Irish no-frills airline that is BAA's harshest critic.

Eurotunnel gets cold shoulder from ASA

Eurotunnel is cursing its colleagues at Eurostar. The two companies are separate but use the same cross-channel link. When Eurostar's trains broke down in the winter snow, Eurotunnel's services were hit, even though its own trains weren't affected by the same problem. As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority has now banned it from using a promotional line it has been very fond of – that its trains run "whatever the weather". Not if there's a broken-down Eurostar in the way, you see.

Another result for the Serious Fraud Office

Now here's a surprise – not. The Serious Fraud Office has dropped its investigation into the British end of AIG. A 15-month inquiry launched following the insurer's collapse has found "insufficient evidence to bring a prosecution" in the UK. Just as it did after a lengthy investigation into the UK end of the Bernard Madoff operation, in fact.

Keep on running with Standard Chartered

Well done Standard Chartered, which unveiled its sixth "Great City Race" yesterday. A 5km run around the City, open to teams from London-based businesses, the race is likely to attract more than 6,000 competitors on 15 July, raising vital funds for the Seeing is Believing charity. More information, including entry forms, at