Business Diary: Starbucks' perfect clear-up rate

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In London to announce Starbucks' results this week, boss Howard Schultz explained how it had responded to a survey of customers at its Clapham branch. They were worried about crime, so Starbucks promptly declared its café to be a crime-free zone. The Met police force should follow its example.

Maths season overdue on Channel 4?

No wonder Channel 4 has cash problems. Luke Johnson, its chairman, is wandering around claiming the BBC has spent £1bn on doing up Broadcasting House in London. It's true the project has been a little pricey, at around £830m. But that's £170m less than Johnson's estimate.

Bogof deals told to bog off at last

The days of the Bogof deal may be numbered. Tesco and Sainsbury's have begun trialling Bogofl promotions instead. Buy one, get one free later, that is. Both grocers admit many people don't eat the food given away in Bogof offers before it goes off – so now you'll be able to go back later to claim your goodies.

No blowing hot and cold at John Lewis

John Lewis just can't do anything wrong right now. You might have thought this month's bad weather would have kept shoppers at home. Maybe, but John Lewis sales were up 11 per cent thanks to higher sales of hats, scarves and gloves, as well as a boom in sales of frozen food at its grocer Waitrose when people stocked up for the big freeze.

Spotting a story close to home

MediaGuardian, the paper's online media news site, had an exclusive yesterday, revealing 40 job losses at a well-known newspaper group. It was none other than Guardian News & Media, and as two MediaGuardian hacks are amongst those going, there are no prizes for this scoop.

Number of the day: £621

The cost per person of the UK's £30bn of financial fraud last year, according to the National Fraud Authority