Business Diary: Tesco embarrassed as it jumps the gun

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Some red faces at Tesco, which had promised partners in its launch of iPhone sales that it would keep its pricing strategy secret until 10 December. Unfortunately, some bright spark decided to post the details on the grocer's website a day early. The page was taken down, but not before folk in the telecoms industry had spotted it and circulated the details to all and sundry.

Apple keeps it clean

Still on the iPhone, Apple has just approved a Playboy application for the handset which offers users the chance to read articles and view pictures of the adult magazine's "Playmate of the Month". Being a wholesome, family-oriented bunch at Apple, they did put one condition on the deal – all the models have to be fully clothed.

Swiftcover's festive gift offers the most elaborate Christmas-themed internet game you'll see this year, with a strange detective story to solve. They like a gimmick at Swiftcover. Remember, they signed up Iggy Pop for an advertising campaign only to admit later that their insurance doesn't cover musicians.

Haymarket's family life

"I'm thrilled to accept the role", says Rupert Heseltine, the new man in charge at publisher Haymarket, before praising his predecessor. The outgoing chairman Michael Heseltine is, of course, his daddy.

Number of the day: 2

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