Business Diary: The gift that every banker needs

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Are you searching for the perfect Christmas present for the banker in your life? Does he have apersonalised number plate (we say he, because women generally have more sense)? If not, the Diary notes that a selection of appropriate registrations are on sale just now, for prices starting from around £10,000. What about B1G 5H0RT, or EZ3 M0NY, for example? Alternatively, if you're buying for someone who is just a little bit self-aware, maybe they'd like GR3 3DY.

The official stamp of approval

Let's say this for Dubai. It may have run into a few problems last year (nothing some well-heeled neighbours couldn't sort out) but it is undoubtedly proud of its commercial successes. The emirate has just issued a new set of commemorative stamps, celebrating DP World's first five years as a global ports operator. If only we weren't so sniffy about big business in this country, we could do something similar. Who wouldn't want to receive a Christmas card with, say, a stamp featuring Tesco's head office?

Festive greetings at a price

Why are people always running down Britain's entrepreneurial spirit? We come across clever new business ideas all the time, like The Message Barn, which has been filling our email inboxes with spam all this week. Noting that Christmas is on the way – see how it cleverly spotted an opportunity – it knows your office may soon be unstaffed for a period. And for just £159, it will supply what it describes as a "professionally recorded on-hold message" this festive season: an answer-phone recording, in other words. Cheap at twice the price.

The economy's loss is Kyle's gain

Are you sitting in an office full of empty desks as colleagues give in to the winter weather and "work from home"? Well prepare to have your cynicism about their productivityconfirmed. ITV's Jeremy Kyle Show on Tuesday morning enjoyed a 16 per cent increase in viewers compared with the previous Tuesday. With the greatest respect to Kyle, Tuesday'sprogramme was no better or worse than any other. Could an influx of new viewers from the ranks of the snowbound home workers explain the leap?