Business Diary: The mystery of Sky's missing fan

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It's the end of the era at Sky. For as long as anyone can remember, the first question at its annual general meeting has come from a Bristol City supporter disappointed about the lack of coverage of his team on Sky's football channels.

James Murdoch even used to memorise Bristol City's fixture list in preparation when he still ran the company. Yesterday, however, the Robins fan was not at the latest Sky agm. Has the pain of supporting the Championship's bottom club just become too much to bear in public?

Moody's seeks forgiveness

Diary is delighted to receive an invitation to Moody's annual cocktail reception (it's the first time the credit rating agency has deigned to offer us its hospitality). This sort of bash – at a swanky Covent Garden club – has become something of a rarity in these days of post-credit crunch austerity. But then, given its performance during the crisis, Moody's hasclearly decided that it needs to start spending money on winning friends. Quickly.

Why bankers are masochists

At last, an explanation for the reckless behaviour of bankers. Cardiff University academic Paul Crosthwaite says the credit crunch is a result of the subconscious desire of many bankers to destroy the institutions for which they work – and that many of them will have taken a masochistic pleasure in losing so much money. "Financial crises are expressions of the innate urge for self-destruction that Sigmund Freud termed the 'death drive'," Dr Crosthwaite explains.

Time for Hill's to retire Shearer

William Hill looks to be ending the year on something of a flourish after a difficult first half. Could we suggest some of the cash is used on sprucing up the shop window displays – or at the very least modernising them? Several London branches of the bookmaker feature pictures of the retired Newcastle striker Alan Shearer – in a Blackburn shirt (he last played for the club in 1996). There's retro chic, but that's just ridiculous.