Business Diary: The sort of office company you could do without

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We like the idea of BT's Remote Worker Awards – "to recognise employers for their flexible working solutions and employees for showing that remote and home-based working can improve business productivity" – particularly now Claire Young, the former Apprentice contestant, has been signed up as a judge. From what we remember of her time on the show, having Claire working remotely, rather than sitting right next to you, would be ideal.

Ofcom versus Sky, the final showdown?

Time for Sky to call in some favours? The now infamous on-air spat between Sky News's political editor, Adam Boulton, and Alistair Campbell has resulted in hundreds of complaints flooding into Ofcom about the way in which the Labour man was treated. The Conservatives, so heavily supported by News International, Sky's sister company, have promised to abolish the regulator, which keeps falling foul of the Murdoch empire. Boulton is presumably crossing his fingers that this plan survives the coalition deal.

Cable's reputation still precedes him

George Osborne has been doing his best, over the past 24 hours, to reassure the City that he will be in charge of banking reform, rather than the new Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable. Looks like the message hasn't got through to Ken Brotherston, chief executive of the City headhunter Kinsey Allen, who is still quaking in his boots. "This is a terrifying development," he says of Cable's appointment.

Why Blankfein needs a mega pay rise

Get the violins out. Which well-known banking boss is the second most underpaid chief executive in all of corporate America, according to a survey in Bloomberg BusinessWeek? Step forward Lloyd Blankfein of Goldman Sachs who, with a salary of around $935,000 last year, was 95 per cent under paid, the magazine claims.