Business Diary: Too late for Daniels to return


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Lloyds Banking Group didn't have many replacements to choose from when Antonio Horta-Osorio announced he was taking time off with fatigue.

Luckily, departing finance director Tim Tookey is still around. If only Mr Horta-Osorio had stepped aside a few weeks earlier: the bank could then have drafted in Eric Daniels, his predecessor as chief executive, who was "available to the board" until the end of September and was paid £600,000 plus pension and perks for his own seven-month rest period.

Tragic Greece to end euro's 'moment'?

Royal Bank of Scotland has clearly come to the view that the eurozone crisis is going to end badly for the single currency project. "We thus view this as a major negative for Greece and the rest of the momentary union," it says of the Greek plan to hold areferendum on its bail-out deal. A dozen years and counting is a bit more than just a "moment" guys, or was that a typo?

Wall Street protest corrupted

Is the Occupy Wall Street campaign in New York falling prey to the vices it professes to oppose? We've already come across the rather depressing website "Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street", but the online gossip that MTV is looking for 20 to 24-year-olds for a series with an OWS theme only adds to our sense of unease. Now there are claims that some of the New York protesters have tried to file a trademark claim for the "Occupy Wall Street" brand.

Ideal kitemark for the boss

Are regulators at Ofcom, who feared abolition before the general election last year, eager to curry favour with the Secretary of State for Business, Vince Cable? Ofcom published a press release yesterday declaring that it has awarded '' its official accreditation hallmark. Sadly, this proves not to be a case of brown-nosing – the website in question has no connection to Vince.