Business Diary: Walsh asks staff to sign up for battle

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British Airways boss Willie Walsh pulls no punches in a column in the company's staff magazine, accusing the Unite union of trying to "destroy us" with industrial action. Walsh has also had a large whiteboard "graffiti wall" installed at BA's Waterside headquarters where staff can leave messages of support for the campaign against the strikers.

Fidelity feeling lonely on Facebook

Bless. Fidelity International claims to be Britain's first fund manager with its own Facebook site. But it looks like the company, the biggest fund manager in the country, needs to work on its popularity – so far it has signed up just 33 fans.

The battle for fish and chips fame

Handbags at the National Federation of Fish Friers, which is co-ordinating the celebrations of 150 years of fish and chips. While everyone seems to agree that fish and chips were first served together and sold commercially in 1860, London has taken great umbrage at the suggestion Manchester came up with the idea. The Lees family of Manchester, initially credited with inventing our national dish, now has to battle it out with the Malins of London, who are also claiming the honour.

The accountants trying just a bit too hard

Apprentice star Michelle Dewberry is just one fan to sign up to a new website – – which attempts to collate every remark made on the internet about accounting being boring. Its founder, Tim Fouracre, says his aim is to prove that, in fact, accounting is far from dull. "We believe that there are new, even fun, ways to do the accounts," he says. Really Tim?

Hoping for returns from pink pounds

Best of luck to LBGT Capital, which claims to be the first investment fund set up in the UK to back firms with exposure to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities. "We figure that this is a very interesting sector," its founder, Paul Thompson, formerly of Goldman Sachs, tells Financial News. "It will become more interesting as freedoms develop and it's a market that people have overlooked in the past."

Number of the day: 55 per cent

Opec's estimate of the compliance of its members with their oil production targets, down from 80 per cent a year ago.