Business Diary: Waples' audition for world of PR

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The news last week that Sunday Times business editor John Waples is taking a highly paid job in PR with Financial Dynamics did not come as a complete surprise to everyone. A couple of months ago Waples took a star turn at a conference organised by CorpComms, the magazine for PR professionals. He was planning ahead, clearly.

Greece and UK have much in common

The latest newsletter from the Greece embassy arrives, with a nice picture of our own Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, and his Greek opposite number, George Papandreou, on the front. The headline is "UK and Greece leaders reaffirm common ground". Comparing the size of their budget deficits presumably, or maybe just planning something horrible for those awful credit ratings agencies.

Making money out of nothing

The former Lehman Brothers mergers and acquisitions analyst Nicolas Dickreuter has a new business, selling hot air to his chums in the City. The rather of-the-moment website – which he has called – allows City traders to play against each other buying virtual lots, simply for the fun of outwitting each other.

Menfolk encouraged to wrap up well

Shocking news from TNS Worldpanel, the retail analyst the trade trusts to rate their market shares. TNS says the most popular pressies bought for blokes this Christmas are shirts and knitwear, while women are in line to receive lingerie on Christmas morning. Sounds like a mismatch of ambitions to us.

A brief break in hostilities

A pleasant Christmas message arrives from the folk at Cadbury, who sign off for the holiday with the news that they're humming John Lennon's tune "War is Over". The ditty may be premature, with Kraft still circling the company.