Business Diary: What bankers really think

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Embarrassment at a leading City institution, where a strategist fell for the "send to all" trap that has sunk so many email users, and watched helplessly as it went to journalists at the Financial Times.

Here's what he had to say about colleagues in the City. "Without sounding presumptuous, I have added you to my distribution list, it's mostly meaningless blurbs on what drives currencies so please just treat it as entertainment – it's easy to satisfy the handful of brain cells which occupy the sell-side banks' salespeople."

Let's hear it for the NHS boy

It is getting exciting in the PA of the Year awards, which the Diary first mentioned last month. Hays, the company sponsoring the gongs, has now unveiled its shortlist, consisting of five women and a token bloke. The gentleman in question, Christopher Juliff of the National Health Service, is also the only representative of the public sector. No disrespect to the other nominees, but let's hope that he wins the day on 19 May – it might be his best chance of keeping his job in the cash-strapped public sector.

A tax haven in Somerset?

Did you notice how the capital emptied the second the wedding finished yesterday? Well if the good folk of Clarks Village, a shopping centre in Somerset, are to be believed, all the foreign tourists in town to witness the royal nuptials planned to speed down to it. It has declared itself to be a tax haven, you see. A closer examination reveals that it has simply opened an office where overseas visitors can claim their tax refunds – a service available in many big department stores. But let's hope it got a few visitors.

Ryanair shows good grace

It's good to see Ryanair has respect for scientists who have spent a lifetime learning about their specialist interests – specifically academics whose report into last year's Icelandic volcanic ash saga suggested that regulators had been right to close so much European airspace. "These brilliant scientists should explain where exactly they obtained the samples of ash," says Ryanair reverentially. "This report... was clearly designed to cover the embarrassment of these bungling scientists."