Business Diary: When hoteliers fall out

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News reaches us of ructions in the cosy world of bed and breakfasts, where the hotels group Travelodge has resigned from the British Hospitality Association in something of a strop. Travelodge's new chief executive, Guy Parsons, says British tourism has been "punching below our weight" in campaigns for industry-friendly government policies, and seems to lay the blame at the BHA's door. So Travelodge is off to plough its own furrow.

Violence breaks out in the City

Here's an invite we don't get every day. "Learn ultimate violence from the master at the exclusive City of London club," the email says. It turns out to be the UK launch of Tim Larkin, the US martial arts expert who makes a living from teaching self-defence to the well-heeled. Last time he visited London, he gave demonstrations on how to kill an attacker in four moves – maybe he'll go one better this time around.

England is not a blue chip stock

We're indebted to Canada's Globe & Mail for a comprehensive piece of football reporting headlined "If companies were World Cup teams". It reckons Brazil would be Google, Spain would be Apple, Italy would be Microsoft, Germany would be Royal Bank of Canada and France would be Goldman Sachs. As for England, we're apparently Bombardier, the Canadian aircraft company. "The new boss is trying, but it's awfully hard to repeat the glories of the distant past," the paper says. Thanks a lot, guys.

Tony Blair for BP chairman?

We've seen this suggestion for BP before from certain maverick commentators, but if the well-respected Neil Collins, of Reuters Breaking Views, thinks there is a prime candidate for a new BP chairman, it might just happen. "[The job] requires political skills of a high order, from someone who is respected in the US and whose name opens doors," says Collins. "Preferably, he should also have something to prove to a UK audience, perhaps to overcome the legacy of an even worse disaster than the Macondo well – it's a task for Tony Blair."