Business Diary: World Cup win for Tesco

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World Cup win for Tesco

So ta-ra to Sir Terry Leahy, the Tesco boss who has announced he is to retire next year. In the meantime, he is presumably looking forward to something of a sales uplift from the World Cup. Although Sir Terry has added his name to the list of those who support a minimum price for alcohol – to aid the fight against binge-drinking – we can't help noticing the supermarket's advertisements for cheap beer during the tournament, which have been splattered all over the TV in recent days. Cheers.

Domino's loss leaves bad taste

Shock news from the British Franchise Association (BFA), whose annual awards threw up something of a shock yesterday. Namely that Domino's Pizza – 40 million pizzas delivered last year to 3.4 million households – failed to win the BFA's golden medal for franchisor of the year. Even worse, it was beaten into second place by TaxAssist, a chain of high street accountants. Is nothing in this world sacred?

Swiss redouble their efforts

Britain's change of government seems not to have deterred the entrepreneurial Swiss from targeting Britons who might be tempted to quit the country to save tax. Representatives of Lucerne are arriving in London later this month on a recruitment campaign, to include a seminar at which they will give a "presentation to outline the attractions of moving to Lucerne, together with an update on personal and corporate taxes". Get your passports ready.

The BBC's biter gets bitten

Rogue traders, beware. Napit, the government-approved register of more than 6,000 electricians, is stepping up its campaign to stamp out dodgy workmen. And who is the first target of this crackdown? Step forward Watchdog, the BBC's consumer programme, which has enraged Napit by daring to run an item on unregistered electricians trying to scam customers without mentioning the importance of using registered tradesmen, or where to find such a register.