Business Diary: Would you lend to this man?

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Grant Shapps' complaint that under the Financial Services Authority's plans for regulatory reform, even he wouldn't have got a mortgage no doubt means that the regulator will face further pressure to rethink its proposals.

Still, what if excluding the likes of housing minister Shapps from the mortgage process is exactly what the FSA had in mind all along? After all, MPs' expenses aren't what they used to be and their job security isn't exactly the best. They're surely the last people lenders ought to be handing out loans to.

Play cards with George Osborne

Need to while away a bit of time at work while supporting a good cause? Why not play blackjack on the World Development Movement's website (you'll find it at The idea is to raise the profile of the group's campaign againstmarket speculators who bet on commodities, whom the WDM accuses of driving up food prices. You can play as George Osborne, Barack Obama, a Goldman Sachs banker or Judith Atieno, a Kenyan villager with TB who can't afford basic medicines.

The John Lewis show marches on

The John Lewis quest for worldwide domination continues with another new initiative designed to ensure shoppers never leave their department stores. Retail Week reports that supply chain improvements have reduced the amount of space John Lewis needs for stockrooms these days, so it plans to turn some of them into beauty spas and hairdressers. It's even promising to installtheatrical stages in some of its cafes so you can be entertained while taking a break from spending your money.

Don't give in to the rage inside

All together now, count to 10. If your boss is driving you nuts, the kids are in a strop again, or you can't face the thought of all that Christmas shopping, we've got good news for you. Next week is Anger Awareness Week. There will be advice online on how to keep your cool, free assessments for those who just can't stop their blood boiling and even support for people on the wrong end of one of your tantrums. All from the British Association of Anger Management.