Business Diary: Wronged hotels plan revenge

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Trouble is brewing for Trip Advisor, the website that gives "real people" the chance to review hotels in which they've stayed in order to help others pick (or avoid) places to stay. Some of the hotels in question aren't so keen on what the "real people" have to say – so much so that 400 establishments in the UK and the US have come together to organise a group defamation lawsuit against the website. Let's just say they feel not all the criticism has been entirely constructive.

Nokia and HTC slug it out

They're a crazy bunch, these mobile phone folk. With Nokia and HTC hosting rival conferences in London this week, the two companies spotted an opportunity for a bit of mischief. HTC started it, sending a fleet of branded buses to pick up delegates from Nokia's evening bash. Nokia retaliated by offering delegates to its conference a "survival kit" to take with them as they headed to the HTC event. Nokia also sent its own staff to the HTC gig with balloons advertising its applications. Hilarious.

It's nice work if you can get it

Our favourite City gongs are back – the organisers of the non-executive director awards have just sent out appeals for nominations for the 2010 event. One would have thought that receiving tens of thousands of pounds for turning up to a handful of board meetings each year would be reward enough for these folk, but the award organisers apparently disagree. Diary wants to do its bit, so if you feel a particular non-exec isn't worth the money, let us know at the email address above, and we'll devise some alternative prizes.

$10m payday for charity

Our congratulations to City brokerage firm BGC Partners whose charity day, on which the Diary reported earlier this week, raised more than $10m for 75 good causes around the world. Celebrities manning the phones included Jonathan Ross – who was thankfully receiving calls rather than making them – and Gordon Ramsay in London, as well as Steve Buscemi and Edie Falco in New York.