Business Diary: Your CVs in the post, please

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It's a tough job but someone's got to do it. Public relations agencies in need of a challenge could do worse than tender for a new contract just put out by the Department for Business: offering advice on financial communications ahead of the sell-off of the Royal Mail. OK, it's an organisation with something of a reputation for inefficiency and poor value – and not everyone is exactly convinced that privatisation is going to be a huge success – but on the bright side, the only way is up. Just ask Shane O'Riordan, formerly director of communications at the then-stricken Lloyds Banking Group. He's now doing the same job at the Royal Mail.

Apax shares its thoughts

Who says private equity companies are not transparent? The latest annual report from Apax Partners arrives – and a beautiful glossy publication it is too. It runs to a full 104 pages, with full colour on most of them. Does it matter that as a privately owned company, Apax Partners doesn't have to disclose the sort of details of executives' remuneration it would were it to be stock market listed (or any details at all, it would seem judging from the lack of them in the report)? You decide.

Dr Doom, the party animal

Nouriel Roubini, the gloomy economist, is doing his best not to live up to his nickname, Dr Doom. His latest party at his penthouse apartment in New York has made all the gossip columns. The bash lasted for 14 hours, beginning with a splash in the roof terrace Jacuzzi and guests included Sean Stone, the son of the film director Oliver Stone. "People know me as Dr Doom, but as you can see, I really like to enjoy life," Roubini told the US web site Dealbreaker.

Gilchrist scents an opportunity

Most international sportsmen take life a bit easier once their time has passed – rotating some well-earned time on the golf course with the occasional bit of punditry. Not the former Australian cricketer Adam Gilchrist, however.

He's just signed up as a director of TFS Corporation, a company which runs sandalwood plantations in Western Australia, and plans to spearhead its push into the Indian market.