Cadbury introduces two new Dairy Milk Medley chocolate bars

The chocolate-maker has added two new medley bars to its Dairy Milk range, with ingredients including dark chocolate, fudge pieces, and berries

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Cadbury is going upmarkets with its new chocolate bars.

The chocolate-maker has added two new medley bars to its Dairy Milk range, with ingredients including dark chocolate, fudge pieces and berries.

The Medley range comes comes in a different shape to normal Dairy Milk, divided into larger pieces, with the ingredients sprinkled on top of the bar. 

Cadbury has released two versions. One contains dark chocolate, caramelised hazelnuts and raspberry pieces, while the other has dark chocolate chips, biscuit and fudge pieces.


It seems Cadbury decided to stick with tried and tested ingredients despite testing some unappetising new flavours in December.

Kale, wasabi and beetroot were said to be among the new versions trialled at Mondelez's research and development labs in Bourneville - though Cadbury had no plans to put the new flavours on sale.

Previous Milk Tray chocolates have included the 1920 Peach Crème and 1960s  Lime Cordial, with new additions this year including Salted Caramel and Apple Crunch.