Car firm to create 700 jobs

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Car retailer Arnold Clark today announced plans to create 700 new jobs in the UK by early next year.

The Scottish company will recruit for 500 new sales jobs, 120 Modern Apprentice places and 80 supporting roles by February as part of its expansion plans.

It said the jobs boost was partly down to the "stabilisation" of the car market due to the Government's scrappage scheme.

The new roles will help the group's new sales developments and newly acquired sites in the North of England.

Positions are being created in the Glasgow, Dundee, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Manchester, Warrington, Stafford and Huddersfield areas.

Sir Arnold Clark, chairman and chief executive, said: "With the global economy going through such a difficult period, our announcement today can only be seen as a positive step in helping to combat unemployment.

"The extra 700 jobs can partly be attributed to the stabilising of the car industry since the introduction of the Government's scrappage scheme in May."

The news was hailed as a boost to the car industry.

Chancellor Alistair Darling said: "Today's announcement by Arnold Clark, of 700 new jobs across the UK, is very good news.

"The UK car market is a vital part of our economy and that is why we introduced the car scrappage scheme at the Budget.

"The scheme is providing a vital boost to the UK car industry at a time when it needs it most"

The family-run business, which has an annual turnover of more than £2billion, said its ongoing expansion and future development plans include a new site in Huddersfield which is set to open its doors in October, and a fully redeveloped showroom in Preston.

Arnold Clark said there would be 155 new jobs in the Glasgow area, 25 in the Dundee area, 50 in the Aberdeen region and 130 in and around Edinburgh.

In England there will be 150 new posts in the Manchester region, 20 in the Warrington area, 20 in and around Stafford, 80 in the Huddersfield area and 70 at an as-yet unnamed new site in the north of England.