Case Study: The small businessman

'Too much red tape. We need incentives to hire more staff'
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Dr Charles Nwufoh

Dr Charles Nwufoh

Owner of CPL Services; consultancy, IT training and business development, based in Walthamstow, east London

Home: Purley, Surrey. Lives with wife, Joy and four children

Age: 43

Income: £35 000

Savings: None

Company benefits: None

Outgoings (per month): £2,300 mortgage (shared with wife)

Politics: Voted Labour in last election, but will not vote for them in next one

Hopes for Budget: He is looking for more support for businesses and families

Effect of budget: Dr Nwufoh will be £60 better off in the 2004-05 tax year. Although he will pay £46 more in national insurance, his child benefit will increase by £70 and income tax drop by £36

"I am concerned about the treatment of small businesses. Red tape and paperwork are the main bugbears for a small company. There is too much.If the Government wants accelerated business growth, it should make it easier for micro-businesses to grow. Working out NI contributions is such a burden it puts many tiny businesses off hiring extra people. We need incentives for taking on staff.''

Genevieve Roberts