Chinese police seize 10 tonnes of 'toxic' tofu in latest food scare

Authorities fear more than 100 tonnes of tofu containing bleaching agent have been put on the market

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Chinese authorities have seized 10 tonnes of "toxic" tofu containing banned products linked to cancer in the latest food scare to hit China.

Police said a criminal gang in the province of Shandong used pure rongalite in tofu sticks to make them chewier and brighter, local media reported on Monday. Rongalite, an industrial bleaching agent, is a banned substance in food production as it can lead to headaches, vomiting and cancer.

Authorities fear more than 100 tonnes of "toxic" tofu, a popular ingredient in Asian cuisine, have been put on the market but did not elaborate further or comment on whether the factory in question had supplied to other chains.


According to authorities, the factory was set up by three cousins and four men have been arrested. Police found 190 kilos of rongalite and dirty utensils on the premises.

The latest food scare in the country comes after American fast food giants McDonald's and Yum! Brands, which owns KFC and Pizza Hut, were hit by a scandal in July after a supplier was accused of selling expired meat and operating in unhygienic conditions.