Chrysler recalls 184,000 SUVs due to faulty airbags and seat-belts

Electrical fault could cause airbags and seat-belts to not work

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Chrysler issued a recall today on more than 184,000 cars after engineers confirmed an airbag and seat-belt fault.

The motor company said a component supplier flagged an electrical short-circuit problem, which could disable airbags and restraints built into seat-belt buckles.

It can cause the airbags' warning lights to illuminate, which could signal that the inflatable devices relied on to save passengers' lives during potentially-fatal collisions are turned off.

An internal investigation has been launched to determine the cause of the fault in model-year 2014 Dodge Durango and Jeep Grand Cherokee

Chrysler is asking all 184,215 owners to contact the firm to have the restraint control modules in their cars replaced.

Out of all the recalled 4x4 cars, an estimated 126,772 are in the US, 8,106 in Canada, 3,722 in Mexico and 45,615 outside North America.

The company said it is "unaware" of any injuries or deaths related to the issue.

The same electrical fault caused Ford Motor Co. to recall 850,000 cars last month, which is expected to have cost them $500,000.