Surge: Cola-Cola brings back citrus flavoured drink on Amazon after 12-year hiatus

Carbonated drink will be sold in 12-pack for $14 exclusively on Amazon

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Children of the nineties, rejoice. Coca-Cola is bringing back its citrus-flavoured beverage Surge after it was discontinued 12-years ago.

But there's a catch: Fans will only be able to purchase the green-coloured soda on as part of a new deal that will see Coca-Cola distributing its products exclusively through the online retailer.

“If expectations are met, this may be only the first of a variety of efforts we explore to launch niche products through e-commerce relationships,” said Wendy Clark, president of sparkling and strategic marketing of Coca-Cola in North America.

Launched in 1996 to compete with Pepsi's Mountain Drew, Surge was discontinued in 2001. But fans have continuously lobbied Coca-Cola to bring back the carbonated drink. A Facebook group titled "The Surge Movement" has amassed more than 128,000 "likes" and even paid for a billboard advertising the product in Atlanta.

Following its limited release, Coca-Cola said it may consider expanding Surge to other retailers, not just, if there is a positive response from consumers. Surge is sold in a 12-pack featuring its original design for $14 (£8).