Coffee shop Harris + Hoole stirs in London


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Harris + Hoole, the coffee shop chain backed by Tesco, is to launch an opening blitz in central London this year that will see it more than double in size.

The chain will launch its first outlet in the foyer of Tesco Metro near London Bridge tomorrow.

Harris + Hoole, which currently has 13 outlets including a few outside the capital, plans to open 15 more in central London before the end of the year. These will be a mix of outlets in Tesco and standalone shops, including a flagship store by Cannon Street station in the summer.

Founded in 2012, Harris + Hoole was accused of being hypocritical over its "artisan" and "family affair" claims earlier this year after it emerged that Tesco owns nearly half of the group. It aims to avoid the "Identikit" look of other high-street cafés, by giving each an individual appearance.

Nick Tolley, the chain's chief executive, said: "We like to think of them all as unique specimens."