Come west! Quebec's rallying cry to fill skills gap

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If you are a young professional, without a job or have lost your bonus, then Quebec could be the place for you.

The French-speaking Canadian province, is suffering such a shortage of skilled labour that it is calling on Britain's unemployed graduates and professionals to up sticks and emigrate. It is also inviting UK businesses which might be looking to invest overseas, as part of its "positive migration programme". It can offer tax incentives for businesses wishing to relocate.

The Economic Development Agency for Quebec City Region is targeting Britain to take some of the 80,000 positions it will have to fill by 2014. The sectors it needs workers for most are technology – gaming, optics, life sciences – and financial, with a focus on insurance, and environmental research.

Carl Viel, the agency's boss, who is coming to Britain next month on a recruiting trip, said: "We have a solid banking and financial system, a safe and secure country, a British-based parliamentary system. Our first language is French but our business language is English."