Company stops working at 11am for seven minutes each day, study suggests you should do the same

Waiting till lunch is not the best way to keep up your productivity, study finds

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A Canadian business holds a company-wide seven minute break at 10:55am, the optimum time for such a breather, according to research.

Home services company, O2E Brands, holds this daily "huddle" to increase productivity, help improve communication and boost morale.

Published in Applied Psychology,  this study by Professors Emily Hunter and Cindy Wu from Baylor University found that breaks in mid-morning were far more effective than those in the afternoon. 

It discovered employees find it harder to restore energy levels with breaks after lunch.

The two researchers logged and analysed 959 break surveys finding an average of two breaks per person per day.

In addition, their research found no evidence to suggest non-work related break activities were more beneficial for workers.

Independent of any research, O2E's over 200 employees have held their standing-only "huddles" for the last 15 years.

During this structured team break - they share good news, new strategies and the latest figures before finishing on a group cheer.

O2E CEO and founder, Brian Scudamore wrote on "It has been absolutely key to helping our company scale to $150 million-plus in revenue. It's so critical that I recommend it for every business or organization.

"If you add up the cost of these breaks based on employee salaries, we've essentially paid millions of dollars for this daily routine over the years.

"That's a serious investment, but it's been paid back to us many times over."