Credit Crisis Diary: 18/04/2009

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Fancy supping with the devil?

Mike Morgan, the founder of the website dedicated to, how shall we put it, critiquing the investment bank, is advertising for a director to run the concern. "I need to devote my time to starting the next project –," Morgan explains. Applicants for the post will need to have a relaxed attitude towards job security – Goldman Sachs is currently taking legal advice on how to close the site down.

The LabourList man with a famous name

Who is Matt Trott, the registered owner of the website that is run – for the time being, at least – by Derek Draper? Trott says he simply registered the domain name on behalf of Draper, right, the recipient of those unpleasant emails from Gordon Brown's former spin-doctor Damian McBride, and is not a contributor to the site. Still, at least he has an appropriate name for the owner of a left-of-centre internet concern.

Impress clients with some home cooking

The recession is just another business opportunity. Take Venturi's Table, the self-styled "corporate cookery centre". Its sales are up 73 per cent over the past year, with businesses apparently paying for their staff to learn how to make lunch for clients. If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen, the old business maxim goes – now we'll find out whether bosses are up to the test.

Movie fans who want something for nothing

Everyone likes the little guy, but you can see why the global entertainment industry has it in for The Pirate Bay, the file-sharing internet group who got clobbered in the Swedish courts yesterday. The supportive comments on The Pirate Bay's website are neatly summed up by one contributor from Denmark. His pearl of wisdom: "They want us to pay for shit – no one pays for shit any more."

Does she have pulling power with Alistair?

Let's hope Alistair Darling is an Emmerdale fan. The programme's star, Adele Silva, is the latest celebrity signed up by the British Beer & Pub Association in its campaign for the Chancellor to take the axe to tax on beer, as pubs close in their droves.