Credit crisis diary: Dunfermline manager back in the wilderness

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Three years ago, Peter Weanie was feeling pretty smug. The Dunfermline Building Society manager had built the group's corporate loans team from scratch, for which he was feted by management and the press. He even talked bullishly about taking on ever bigger loans in a 2006 interview, the same day he was recovering from a certain charity walk. Three years on from completing the Great Wilderness Challenge, Mr Weanie's division has led the entire group to a similar challenge, but this time the charity comes from the taxpayer, as its loan book needed bailing out at the weekend. He said in 2006, the next project would be a skydive – customers didn't expect the group to follow him down.

Spanish press office gets lost in La Mancha

Spanish taxpayers will be delighted to hear just how hard their banks work in a crisis. Their government was forced to step in and salvage Caja Castilla-La Mancha yesterday, Spain's first bank bailout since the onset of the credit crunch. As the managers were shown the door, and the administrators settled in, many would expect the press team to roll up their sleeves and help with the firefighting at this difficult time. Er, no... By the time the Diary had called up at 3pm local time, the team had left for the day, probably for a well-earned siesta, and were not due to return until 8am today. Financial flaks in the UK, stressed out by the seemingly never-ending banking crisis, must be crying into their Red Bull with envy.

Obama unmoved as job seekers lose their shirt

One tailoring company in America has come up with an innovative way to beat unemployment: hand out free dress shirts for job interviews. Surprisingly, the government turned down the chance to subsidise the drive to hand job-seekers some new threads, despite $135bn burning a hole in the Troubled Asset Relief Programme. C'mon, Barack, what else are you going to spend the money on?

Tarp leaves politicians with dirty faces

An American website is urging punters angry with politicians who bailed out the bankers to do the dirty on them – literally. It is advertising toilet paper with the faces of some of those it sees as responsible, including Dick Cheney, Alan Greenspan and Christopher Cox. even gives dietary preparation guidance. "Eat some greasy bacon, a cheesy omelette with onions, drink some coffee to get things moving, and express yourself. They dump on our rights, we wipe with their faces."