Credit crisis diary: I predict a riot (credit-crunch style)

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Just how angry are you about the credit crunch? The bookmaker Paddy Power is convinced many people are so furious about the great meltdown that they'll soon be taking to the streets to protest. It's offering odds of 9/4 that New York will be the first city to succumb to credit crisis riots, followed by Paris at 3/1 and Washington at 10/3. The bookie will give you 9/2 against London.

The world will never be the same again

As if the brave new world post credit crunch were not enough for bankers to cope with, they also face a change in some of society's most basic standards. A City type lunching yesterday at Shoreditch House found himself falling foul of the dress code at the trendy London private members club, the latest haunt of media luvvies. The front-of-house staff were happy to escort sir to the table, but only if he took off his tie first.

Maybe Sarah Palinhas the answers

Good news from the Republicans' vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin who, stock market wags are saying, has the answer to all our problems. Apparently, once she's finished shooting all the mooses, she's going to start on the bears.

A building society you could depend on

Those were the days. This badge, a relic from Bradford & Bingley's years as a proudly independent building society, is up for auction on eBay. The current bid is £6, a small price to pay for a little tribute to a once-great institution (and presumably you'll be helping out some poor employee afraid for their job now the mortgage bank has been nationalised). Alternatively, £6 will also buy you a Howard Brown moneybox on eBay – what better way to commemorate HBOS's passing?

This time next year, we'll be millionaires

It sounds like a wind-up but, no, it is perfectly genuine. A two-day seminar is taking place at the ExCel exhibition centre in Docklands this weekend. Property Magic Live has lined up a host of "experts" to help delegates take advantage of the credit crunch by snapping up property bargains. Speakers including someone described as the David Beckham of the property world (out of form and five yards too slow?) will explain how the clued-up investor can make a killing out of the current conditions. And all it will cost to attend is £497 plus a bit of VAT. See you there (or maybe not).